• Digital media

    In an ever evolving digital landscape, one format is often not enough to reach all of your potential customers. Of course, there are many different ways to make your target audience aware of you and no matter which you choose, BC Media can help tap the market's potential. We take a truly up-to-date and cross-platform approach to video production, SNS marketing and web production.
    Digital Media
  • Web/Sns marketing

    Make a digital statement with our web marketing services. From brand awareness to focused campaigns, BC Media’s web marketing experts help you deliver a clear message to your prospective customers online. Based in Asia, home to more than 40% of the world’s internet users, we know who’s online and how to reach them. We’ll get your message out to sophisticated online shoppers, new internet users, prolific media consumers, smartphone users and more.

    At BC Media, we use our technical skills and market intelligence to develop web-marketing strategies that increase hits and traffic, enhance your digital presence, build your e-commerce platform and raise brand awareness.

    Web / Sns marketing
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  • Video production

    We can provide you with the best in marketing and promotional video production. Our team will help you promote your company with a captivating video packed full of 3D animation, motion graphics, professional narration and a personalized musical score. Our team of professionals will see that you receive the most creative video production possible for anything from events and going viral to advertising and instruction.

    We can showcase your brand and your products while at the same time helping you maintain a cohesive corporate identity. Striking visuals and professional camera work along with smart edits and production can be tailored with any audience in mind.

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  • Web production

    Need an engaging website powered by industry standard technology? BC Media builds multilingual websites that look great and run well on both PC and mobile platforms. The front end of a BC Media site attracts and engages visitors while the back end can either run on an industry standard content management system or be static, depending on client needs.

    We design all of our sites in close consultation with each client and use no recycled templates or graphics; our sites are all unique and fully customizable. We design search engine optimized sites ranging from one or two to hundreds of pages for businesses large and small. If you need a site where visitors linger and updating is a breeze, talk to us or get a free quote online.
    Web production
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