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BC MEDIA the one-stop shop for all your print, media and tech needs

As of March 1, 2016, BC Media was purchased by Sunny Side Up, Inc. We have become a part of a Sunny Side Up subsidiary called ENGAWA. You can find out more about this new company at our website, engawa.global

BC Media is the one-stop shop for all your print, media and IT needs. Established in the heart of Tokyo in 2007, BC Media has grown our custom solution services to include multi-tier IT consulting and support, web development, design, digital media, print media, video, film and commercial production.

Our flagship product, Tokyo Weekender, Japan's premier English magazine, is a testament to our design and publication abilities whilst our international team of experienced professionals, coupled with our local market savvy, empowers us to support and advise any client; be they foreign companies looking to succeed in the Japanese market or Japanese companies looking to expand their international offerings, BC Media always has a competitive solution to offer.