• IT services

    BC Media provides fully comprehensive IT solutions, support and advice to clients with small and home office-based businesses (SOHO) and those with larger, enterprise level operations.
    Have a strange bug on a user machine? We can find it and fix it. Are you opening a new office or call centre and linking it into your existing infrastructure? We can work in your data centre or in your office to make sure that your needs are satisfied and your problems solved with minimum interruption to your business.
    Want to stay on top of mobile deployment? No problem, BC Media has the expertise to produce cross platform solutions via web or app. Call us for advice and we can send a team of engineers to discuss your plans or investigate your problems.
    IT Services
  • IT Infrastructure

    We install, manage and consult on IT infrastructure and systems for businesses of all sizes. Be it on site or remote, BC Media's technical team can help install, manage and monitor servers, routers, databases and networks, set up work stations, manage phone systems and provide all levels of IT infrastructure support.

    We also set up work stations, manage phone systems and provide a comprehensive suite of IT infrastructure support. If you're thinking of setting up IT infrastructure from scratch, upgrading/migrating your current systems, looking for help desk support or are just curious about how our expert IT infrastructure management services can help your business, get in touch. Depend on our experience and skills to run your IT so you can run your business.
    IT Infrastructures
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  • System development

    BC Media's extensive experience in software and system development lets you manage customer relationships (CRM), it allows us to design and maintain e-commerce platforms, scheduling systems, online registration via electronic forms, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and more.

    At BC Media, our technical team works closely with our business analysts to stay on the cutting edge of business system development, allowing us to use the latest technology to enhance our clients’ business performance. Whichever sector you operate in, we can help you make your business more efficient and help you keep track of compliance by using the latest knowledge and technology. Come to us to find out more about how our systems can support your business.
    System Development
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  • Mobile applications

    Recent trends in the market have reshaped the landscape for many media consumers, particularly due to the increasing popularity of smartphone and tablet devices ahead of more traditional desktop and laptop computers. This has forced companies to not only adjust their output to smaller and more simple displays but also to re-consider aspects such as usability and the adaptable nature of their platforms.

    We can create native smartphone and tablet apps for your business from scratch and we can optimize current websites for all manner of mobile devices. We have a track record of meeting the needs of clients while talking them through in a language that they understand. Our experience lets us respond quickly to this ever-changing environment and the respective benefits of the various options we can execute are reflected in our clients' results.
    Mobile Applications
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  • IT outsourcing

    Want reliable help with ongoing IT support or need additional programmers for a project from a bilingual team in central Tokyo? We can handle everything from IT help desk support to coding to IT project management. With in-house expertise in coding, IT infrastructure, system management, media and design, BC Media can take on a wide range of IT projects, both creative and technical. Our coding is as solid as our service and our knowledge of Tokyo and the Japanese market is second to none. If you have an IT project that's not right to do in-house or need a reliable IT support partner, talk to us.
    IT Outsourcing
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